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Mis-Sold Shares

Have You Been Mis-sold Penny Shares?
Has your stockbroker or
financial advisor sold you penny shares or other low cap stocks?
Have you lost money on high risk investments?
If you can answer “yes” you could claim

PPI Claims

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), is a financial product designed
to protect payments in the event of loss of income.
Many policies were sold to people that were not suitable for these products.
Often these policies were added without customers even knowing.
If you can answer “yes” you could claim

IVA - PPI Claims

(individual voluntary arrangements)
Have you had an IVA in the last 10 years?
We may still be able to claim Have you been through an IVA?
Is your IVA finished?
Are you unsure if you’ve ever had payment protection?
If you can answer “yes” you could claim


Mis-Sold Self Invested Personal Pension? (Sipp)

SIPPS are a kind of personal pension that
allows you to hold multiple investments and products.
This means you can grow your pension fund through these investments.

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