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Welcome to Claiming 4U

Welcome to Claiming 4U. We’re a Manchester U.K. based Claims Management Company providing assistance for Individuals facing financial loss from mis-sold pensions or self-invested personal pensions (SIPP). Claiming 4U is an Industry leader in financial claims for Savers who have been mis-sold and just want to experience a hassle-free retirement.

It’s what we do best. We’ll put your mind at ease as you gain justice foryou and your family. We know how important this is to you and support your right to claim where mis-selling has occurred.

  • Have you been mis-sold sipps?
  • Has your stockbroker or advisor sold you low cap stocks?
  • Have you lost money on high risk investments?
  • If you can answer “Yes” you could claim!

Investigating your situation is the first step in gaining the complete picture of whether you are holding mis-sold financial products. Our team has the experience & understanding to unravel this complex situation to your satisfaction & go beyond expectations.

It’s time to exercise your right to compensation under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Yes, you can sometimes recover financially from mistakes brought about by high pressure sales tactics and misinformation given by unscrupulous stockbrokers or financial advisers of the past.

They were very helpful and managed to get me compensation for mis-sold investments. I was delighted with the level of service from this company. Would recommend.

Douglas Spratt


‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’

Nelson Mandela

  • We listen to your story to get the facts
  • We offer a ‘No win, no fee basis’. In the event of a successful claim, we will charge 36% of any money recovered on your behalf. If you cancel your claim after the cooling off period, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to £450. This cancellation fee will be based on work carried out on your behalf and will be presented with an itemised invoice showing how it has been calculated.
  • We establish your claim eligibility quickly
  • We contact compensatory parties on your behalf
  • Without complex bureaucracy or ‘pushy attitudes’
  • We explain your options in everyday & clear terms
  • All clients may have access to a personal case manager
  • All clients are regularly updated throughout the recovery process
We work as quickly as possible to give you a prompt payment & return of your claim. Our job is to navigate the recovery process and your entitlements under the FSCS or other 3rd parties, where loss is due to bad or misleading advice, negligent management of investments, and financial fraud or misrepresentation has occurred.Compensation may be successfully sought if your bank, building society or credit union were to go into liquidation. Or, if your insurance or pension provider did the same.Note: This excludes the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.


‘Our friendly team have lots of experience in claiming mis-sold SIPP compensation to businesses & non business individuals’

  • Mis-sold Shares
  • Mis-sold SIPPS
  • Mis-sold Pensions
  • British Steel IFA

Countless people have long since written off perceived losses or forgotten about lost pension paperwork. Don’t’ worry if you find yourself in the same situation… as the CLAIMING 4U team is familiar with this scenario & have had many successful cases.

  • Courteous and Attentive
  • A great Customer Feedback Loop
  • Every reason to feel Positive again

Numerous clients report that they are very happy with claim outcomes, and the way in which we spoke to them and handled their individual situation.

We are a business enterprise where each dedicated individual in our team feels privileged to help you seek your right and due entitlement to financial redress.

It’s about empowering our clients with the procedural and regulatory knowledge we have acquired over many years.



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