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Mis-Sold Shares

Have You Been Mis-Sold Penny Shares?
Has your stockbroker sold you low cap stocks?
Have you lost money on high risk investments?

Mis-Sold SIPP's

Mis-Sold self invested personal pension (Sipp) are a kind of personal pension that allows you to hold multiple investments and products. This means you can grow your pension fund through these investments.

Mis sold SIPP claims

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Bad investment advice compensation

If you have fallen victim to bad advise do not worry the FSCS have set aside 375 million pounds to reimburse people that were scammed. Give us a ring and we will help you move forward. ​

Self Invested Personal Pension? (Sipp)

​Sipps (self invested personal pensions) are sort of like a personal pension that lets you have multiple investments, this basically allows you to manage your pension fund alone and have more control over where you invest your money, not all sipps are bad.

However, many people received a call from an IFA (independent financial adviser) who pushed the person to move into a sipp which is a very high risk thing to do. Sipps were created to allow seasoned investors the chance to take more risks as this brought about higher earning potential however, they should never have been a recommendation from anyone and especially not targeted to the general public.
Because of this mounds of people lost a lot if not all of their pension fund because of corrupt advisers who have very poor advise.

So, the person may have had a nice low risk, safe pension with someone like NHS (UK national health), they then would have received a call or a knock on the door from an IFA who advised them that they should move there pension into a sipp. Sipps normally have very high fees because of the earning potential to the investor and the flexibility of the investment they mis-sold this product by telling the individual the following:


  • There would be tax benefits
  • They were very pushy in the advice leaving no room for the person to say no
  • They did not advise of the high fees that can come with this
  • Poor advise was given
  • No fact find so the individual had a lack of understanding about the investment

Sipps are very risky and tend to result in losing all your money. If the individual even experienced one of the bullet-points above this was more than likely a mis-sell.

What Our Clients Say?

They were very helpful and managed to get me compensation for mis-sold investments. I was delighted with the level of service from this company. Would recommend. Douglas Spratt

Claiming4u helped me to reclaim money (almost £600 from mis-sold shares) that I had no idea I was entitled to. They contacted me, explained the situation clearly and why I was entitled to a claim and then helped me every step of the way giving me a named contact I could liaise with at any point. They were great, and without them I would never have seen a penny of this claim.

Paul Galbraith

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