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‘The story of mis-sold Shares in the U.K.’

‘Don’t write off the value of your investment… just yet. We can help’

Mis-selling of shares in the UK has arisen as a significant problem. Penny shares are no exception as thousands of clients, who have lost money, did not know that they had been mis-sold Shares. This dates as far back as 20 years ago.

Many brokers had been ‘trading as principal’ – a practice where they advise investors to buy shares that their firm already owns. They failed to disclose this under financial regulation legislation. Please consider:

  • Where stockbrokers of financial advisers have given you false or misleading information
  • When you felt that you were not made fully aware of better options
  • Where their firm was trading as principal but failed to disclose this fact
  • That your financial circumstances were assessed incorrectly
  • Shares sold were unsuitable for your portfolio’s normal risk levels.

There are numerous reasons why savers may have been mis-sold shares by financial institutions, despite extremely strict codes of practice for pension advisers. Maybe they didn’t give enough information, or over-looked your health status, or you felt pressured into paying a company fund etc.

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