A very pleasant lady called Mel rang me to talk about my pension, she was very clear and explained everything so I could understand. My mind is a bit more at ease now I have spoken to Mel. Thank you Mel.

Carol Swan

Very friendly and professional service . Really seemed to know what they are doing, putting your mind at ease

Keith Newton

Helpful knowledgable professional and appointments arranged promptly

Clair Aust

Very professional service, who dealt with our claim in a good manner and kept us fully informed of any developments.

S Bentley

I have good experience with Claiming 4U. They successfully get my compensation for miss sold shares. My only role was to send them paperwork and they handle the whole process efficiently on my behalf. They kept me up to date during the period dealing with my claim. The process took some time but it was worth waiting for. Really happy with the Claiming 4U efficient and excellent services.


Andrew Massey and the team delivered a superb professional service, trawled through all my old paperwork and formulated what turned out to be a very effective claim of mis sold shares.

I had dithered on making a claim for years and had flirted with another couple of claims experts. They all put me off with a complex bureaucracy and pushy attitude. 

I would recommend a chat with these guys if you believe you may have a case for compensation.

James Gibson

Dealt with mis-sold investments on my behalf which I had no expectation of recovering anything on. Not only did they work hard to achieve a very satisfactory level of compensation initially, they continued to work on my behalf and obtain a further payment which I certainly didn't expect. Therefore I can't fault them and I was delighted with the service received. I certainly wouldn't quibble over the fees charged - it's 'win-win' as far as I am concerned!

Howard Witton

19k better off & barely had to do a thing. A massive thanks to Jemma Parkinson who works in there Mis-sold Shares Department. Top girl & I owe her a bottle of bubbly if ever she wants to take me up on it. Just goes to show, life is full of surprises. Very good company. I had kissed the money I lost on shares goodbye years ago. Happy Days.

Stephen Palmer

Claiming 4U helped me to claim back money I lost from my pension which I though had gone forever. The team were really helpful and I had a dedicated claim adviser. It was a huge relief when they called to tell me that they had been successful with my claim.

Bernard Moore

Claiming4u helped me to reclaim money (almost £600 from mis-sold shares) that I had no idea I was entitled to. They contacted me, explained the situation clearly and why I was entitled to a claim and then helped me every step of the way giving me a named contact I could liaise with at any point. They were great, and without them I would never have seen a penny of this claim.

Paul Galbraith

Really happy with claiming 4U superior services. These guys work in a very professional way to deal with my PPI claim. I just want to say thanks for the incredible result. Certainly, recommend these professionals services to all.

Dan Darouvar

Efficient service in terms of claim for mis-sold shares. They take quite a significant commission but this was money that I had already more or less written off so payback was very welcome. A second, follow-up payment from FSC which came through later was a nice surprise. The process was handled exactly as outlined by Claiming 4U and came through in the timeframe they had proposed.

Allan Warrander

They were very helpful and managed to get me compensation for mis-sold investments. I was delighted with the level of service from this company. Would recommend.

Douglas Spratt

I'd been meaning to sort out my PPI for ages. I decided to let someone do it for me and called the guys at claiming4u. They are really friendly and efficient, I can't recommend them enough.

Peter Ravenscott

Claiming 4u successfully recovered money from mis-selling shares that I had forgotten all about so one can imagine my delight to receive a cheque through the post. They are fantastic with very helpful and professional staff.


Friendly efficient service. Helped with claims for PPI and flight delays. I would recommend any time

E Cochrane

I have had a very good experience with claiming 4u. Initially I was not very trusting of the company and was looking for the catch !!. But they did everything they said they would. They succeeded in getting me compensation for miss sold shares, all I did was send them any paperwork I had and they did the rest, even for shares that I no longer had paperwork for. I took about a year but it was worth waiting for. I received a large sum of money back and it was easy.

Richard Smith

The service was very efficient and the process easy to understand. Communication was fast and efficient using my preferred meyhod which was email or texting. I could also return a call at my convenience which was invaluable.I ended up dealing with 'Claiming4u' via Danielle Phillips of Red Rose Claims who was wonderful, determined to get our rightful compensation and worked incredibly hard on a 'No Result, No Fee' basis. Fees are based on a fixed percentage of the amount of the compensation so no risk there just win-win for the client. All I had to do was send a package of all the relevant paper work
Would highly recommend this company to anyone. BRILLIANT SERVICE!!!

Richard G

After contacting the airline myself, with no success, I approached Claiming4U. I have to applaud their tenacity in pursuit of our claim. Th airline initially turned it down but Claiming4U persisted. It took quite some time but, last Thursday I received an email with the news that the airline had paid out.

Claiming4U were very prompt in sending us our payment, the amount of which was substantially more than we had expected.

Top marks to you, Claiming4U. We wouldn't hesitate to use your company again, or recommend you to anyone else.


I had a number of shares in mainly American companies which I had bought irresponsibly some ten to twenty years ago. I had long ago written these off to experience and a lost cause. Claiming4U contacted me and I agreed to let them see if anything could be salvaged - I had nothing to lose bar a few minutes of my time - I had thrown away most of the paperwork. It took some months to sort out but I ended up with a sizeable cheque (albeit with a hefty commission deducted) which I would not have had otherwise. Pleasant people to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone in the same circumstances.

David Mountain

I have now received the cheque and was very happy with the quick and efficient service.

Janet Glenn

I must admit that when Claiming4U first contacted me I was quite sceptical about whether I would receive any compensation as I had closed my account City Equities before they went into default. To get the full amount has exceeded all my expectations.

They did some very hard work, and showed professionalism and of course got a brilliant result!

Nick B

Very pleased to have received a lot of money for delayed flights. It took a long time and a fair amount of delays due to the airline but also partially from Claiming 4 u side aswell.
Generally pleased with the company!
Would recommend to anyone that has had delayed flights....


I appreciated the excellent and efficient service by Claiming4U in securing compensation of over 12000 pounds in respect of mis-selling of shares. Above all they kept me up to date during the lengthy period in dealing with my claim by the compensatory body.

Roy Wilson

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