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What Our Clients Say About Us?
Dealt with mis-sold investments on my behalf which I had no expectation of recovering anything on. Not only did they work hard to achieve a very satisfactory level of compensation initially, they continued to work on my behalf and obtain a further payment which I certainly didn’t expect. Therefore I can’t fault them and I was delighted with the service received. I certainly wouldn’t quibble over the fees charged – it’s ‘win-win’ as far as I am concerned! Howard Witton


I can confirm i have now received payment. Thank you for your help. l would say initially l was some what wary of using a claiming company (due to high fees,security,etc) However after doing some research, and your professional approach l decided to go ahead. Thankfully there was a positive result and l will be happy to recommend you to others.

Regards, Mr. Wright

Claiming4u helped me to reclaim money (almost £600 from mis-sold shares) that I had no idea I was entitled to. They contacted me, explained the situation clearly and why I was entitled to a claim and then helped me every step of the way giving me a named contact I could liaise with at any point. They were great, and without them I would never have seen a penny of this claim. Paul Galbraith

They were very helpful and managed to get me compensation for mis-sold investments. I was delighted with the level of service from this company. Would recommend. Douglas Spratt

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